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[ K E Y C L A I M S ]

Spring... Summer... Fall... Winter... each season has their own story to tell...

Key Claims
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  Welcome to the Key Claiming community... located right here on scenic LJ. (: Here, you can claim anything you want from the wonderful visual dating sim games/anime/manga produced by Key. This includes AIR, CLANNAD , Kanon, ONE (however, was released by Tactics but it's Key related), and also Planetarian (though myself hardly know about). So now, on to the rules. : D

1. Each member is only allowed to have 3 claims.
2. Always post a new entry, when making a new claim. Please remember to check the claims list and also check the many pending posts.
3. If you have donated a banner or make us a new layout when it is needed, you get one extra claim.
4. When you claim a character, you claim them from the game, anime, and also manga. No claiming, "Anime Ayu" or "Manga Kano". That's silly anyway.
5. This one also ties with number four. If the character changes into another form, for example, Makoto and her fox form, when you claim "Makoto" you also claim her fox form. Why? Because they are the same. That also goes for "Kanna" from "AIR". You can't claim her "winged form". However, you may claim Makoto's fox ears or Kanna's wings. *Note: Kunisaki Yukito and Sora are separate because they are under a different name.
6. NO ADVERTISING OTHER COMMUNITIES. It wastes your time to post it, and also wastes my time to delete it. However, if you want to affiliate, you may ask for affiliation along with your claim. Just don't post some long paragraph about the community or some huge banner. ('Cause that's considered advertising in my book)
7. Be nice to everyone. Don't flame or spam others. If you do, I'll kill you.
8. No sharing claims with someone else. Period. The end.
9. To make sure you read the rules, put "It's a Promise" in your subject line or you'll be rejected and be forced to read the rules again. (:
10. Please put your claim/s in your user info. D: If not, I'll believe that you are no longer interested in your claim and you will be removed so the claim will be up for grabs for someone else.
11. When you claim pairings, please no pairings such as: "Yukito x Yuuichi" or "Nayuki x Tomoyo". That means no mixing characters between the Key games since they never met.

Alright! Happy Claiming! - odoru

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